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How Green Energy Can Make a Difference in The Present Scenario?

What is green energy?

In the modern era of the dawn of technology, the demand for energy has increased as well, but most of the energy sources that we do have are the source of non-renewable energy sources. So this energy can’t be restored once they have used, but the demand is getting higher and higher day by day. So it is obvious that one day or another the source of non-renewable energy will finish, and the world will face an enormous amount of energy crisis, and it will bring a huge problem to us and our future generations. So, we need to find another way of finding a new source of energy which can fulfill our demand and also can fulfill the process efficiently.So this energy source can be green energy or renewable energy and the good point about this energy source is the energy source is unlimited, and it can be found in usable form once it is used. So it can provide a backup for us and back up for those nonrenewable energy sources.

Green energy or renewable energy comes from natural sources like sunlight, rain, wind, tides, etc. These energy sources do not take much time to generate energy, and at the same time, renewable energy also has a much lesser impact on our environment. But the fossilized energy does have a greater impact on our environment, and it pollutes our environment which can be very harmful to us and our future generations as well. These renewable energy sources do not produce greenhouse gasses, carbon-di-oxide, carbon-mono-oxide, sulfur dioxide which is harmful to our environment. And the amount of cost that can be invested in getting energy from renewable energy sources is much lesser than mining and digging for getting energy from those fossilized energy sources.


Why do we need renewable energy sources:

There are many reasons for needing renewable energy sources, and those reasons are quite important too.

These reasons are:

It benefits our environment:

Green energy does not affect our environment and does not cause any harmful effect to it like another nonrenewable energy source which pollutes our environment and cause a problem for us. So for the purpose of saving our environment, saving us, and saving our future generation, we need to adopt green energy sources.

Saving Energy for our generations to come:

The source of those fossilized energies is not unlimited. It will end one day and if we do not have a proper backup, when the source of energy ends, we will be really in a struggle, so saving energy for our future generation is crucial, so we should focus on a nonrenewable source of energy.

Good for economy:

Adopting green energy sources will also have some positive impact on our economy. As the process of getting the renewal energy source is quite complex and costly. The digging up, mining, oil processing cost are quite huge, but instead, if we do adopt green energy the cost will be much less, and if necessary, we can invest that budget in the improvement of green energy sources.

Energy security:

Sometimes we have to depend on other countries for getting energy sources in case of non-renewal energy sources, and it depends upon the relation between those countries, so the security is quite less. But if we start to use those green energy sources,  then we don not have to depend on other countries for providing us different energy sources, we can generate energies on our own, and it will be much more secure.

What are different types of green energy?

There can be various sources of green energy. And these sources are:

1) Solar power

Solar power is one of the most popular sources for green energy sources. The  solar  light is incident upon photovoltaic cells, and these photovoltaic cells can generate energy in the form of electricity from the sunlight. With the help of this electric energy we can light up small buildings, heat up the water and our room and we also can cook food. So, it is a quite useful source of green energy.

2) Wind power

Air is continuously flowing on the surface of the earth, and this flowing of energy can be used to generate energy. We can make the wind flow through turbines and with the help of those turbines energy can be generated. This process is more useful in the high altitude area where the amount of wind flow is much more, and if the amount of wind is increased then the amount of generating energy will also increase.


3) Hydropower

Hydroelectric power is energy generated from the water sources. There are plenty of energy sources available on the planet earth, so if we can utilize these sources in the proper way , then it can generate the sufficient amount of energy. And this generated energy can be used for multiple purposes like lighting up a small building or cooking food or it can also help in heating up our room.

4) Geothermal energy

Just underneath the earth’s massive surface, there is a huge amount of thermal energy is available.Electricity can be produced by using geothermal energy, and if the geothermal energy is used properly, then it can provide much more electricity than any nonrenewable energy source provides. So using geothermal energy properly can be very handy.

5) Biomass

Energy can be generated from wood wastages, agricultural wastages and these cost less greenhouse effect than fuel energy sources as well. This bio wastages from which energy is produced is called biomass.

6) Biofuels

Sometimes rather than burning mass to produce energy, biomass is converted into fuels. And the energy is generated from those converted fuels, and generating energy from biofuels is much more efficient than generating energy from biomass, and it can be more eco-friendly too as well.

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