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Contemporary Trends Redefining Residential Architecture

Why there is a need of redefining residential architecture?       

Nowadays, most of us have driven by the modern technology, and it has reflected in our residential architectures as well, the redefined residential architectures are not like those old architectures anymore there has been a huge change. And as the technology is progressing, modern architecture has also seen its improvement with technology. There is a complete change in the concept of architecture, and it has reflected in many residential buildings as well. And there can be many reasons why it is happening.


1) Change in the economic system:

There is a huge change in the economic system, as the economic system gets much more stabilized and people are getting jobs due to that, they are not affected by any financial troubles anymore. So there are more people who can build their residential house.

2) Change in concepts:

There has also been a huge change in architecture concepts as well; new concepts have taken over the old one, and they are making some impact as well. This new concept can be one of the reasons for redefining residential architectures.

3) Everybody has their taste:

Every person has their taste, and it can be reflected on their residential houses too. Everybody wants to build their home in a unique way, which can be very much eye catching. So it has influenced the redefining of residential architectures.

Few contemporary trends of residential architecture:

There are few popular contemporary trends of residential architecture.

1) Holes:

Holes are a new contemporary trend in residential architecture. Many people use it in their residents; It is just a circular shaped void through which you can even see the sky. You can place it anywhere in your home, you can place it at the entrance of your home or you can place it on the back side of your home, but if you can place it in perfect position, then it will surely increase the beauty of your home.

2) Ceiling screens:

Ceiling screens are also a new trend in the modern architecture. In this architecture, your whole roof of your home will look like a screen. It can provide some shade from huge sunlight, and it can also provide protection from an excessive amount of rain, moreover, it will increase the beauty of your home, and it can also help to show off a new form of architecture design. As it can provide good sunlight protection, it also can control the amount of sunlight reaches your interior room, and it reduces the usage of artificial lighting too.


Explicit geometry:

Giving new, different geometrical shape is a new trend of modern architecture, you can give different geometrical shapes to your room, to your roof, and you can also give new geometrical shapes to your staircase as well. And if you can give proper geometrical shapes in proper positions then it will increase the space in your room, more natural light can come into your room, and as the more natural light comes into your room the usage of artificial lighting will be reduced. Moreover, by using proper geometrical shapes in the proper position you can increase the beauty too, and you can also showcase your taste of architectures and designs.

Patterned facades:

Pattern facades are also a new trend of modern architecture. You can have a patterned facade on your exterior wall, and you can give any design you like, a patterned facade will control the amount of light enters your room, and the light that enters your room may form a pattern, and it may increase the beauty of your room too. If you can choose a right pattern for your home, then it can be an excellent example of modern architecture.

Retractable panels:

Retractable panels can be called a new form of window shutters, unlike old window shutters this retractable panel is much more efficient and if it is designed properly then it can provide a cutting edge look too.

Nowadays, new fangled systems are used, and it can detect a cloudy day or a sunny day automatically, and it helps to reduce the thermal bridges and cooling costs, so if you can install this in your home properly, then you will surely get benefit from it.


Privacy is one of the key factors in modern day society; everybody wants to maintain a safe amount of privacy in their life, and the same thing reflects on their residential building as well. Most of us don’t want to be exposed in front of the world, and we pattern our homes according to that too. So the modern architectures have to find new a ways that provide more privacy in our home.

And those designs should be attractive as well otherwise, it won’t attract many eyes. So this kind of challenges an architecture can face and this helps to redefine residential architecture.

Implied windows and skylights:

Implied windows and skylights are also a new concept of modern architecture. It increases the beauty of our home, and it can also provide many advantages as well. So one should focus on this type of architecture cause it does increase the beauty of our home.


What impact redefining residential architecture on our society?

Redefining residential architecture has quite a big impact on our society, cause as the economy gets stable, more people gets the taste of the money, and they are inspired to try out new architecture design, and one good architectural design inspires other people in the society as well. And so, they are also trying out new, different designs. And the society starts to look good, and it also really boosts up the modern architecture and engineering. And those professionals are also inspired to do new researches due to this and new people are getting inspired to come in this profession as well, and it helps to progress our society. This is how redefining residential architecture can have an impact on our society, and this impact can be positive one.

What is the future?

As the new concepts are coming the architectural field is progressing day by day, and modern architectures really can fulfill one man’s dream home, but different people have different choices, and these choices will encourage modern architecture to grow more day by day. As we have seen new creations of modern architecture, we hope to see more new creations and design in the future, which can be inspired by people’s choices, modern technology, and engineering.

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